Getting Unhandled Error (big red X)

Are you getting something like this popping up?

Here are few solutions 

1. Firstly, check if you have extracted everything correctly. Check if your antivirus hasn't automatically deleted a file from LukeAirTool folder. We run LukeAirTool through virus checks. Simply create a folder named LukeAirTool or anything you want, add that folder to your white list in your antivirus or microsoft defender, then simply extract AirTool into that folder

2. If you are getting this where a map is displayed, then you might have set up a wrong format for the map when you first done your install. Simply go into settings, map and then choose option 2. Option 1 means that you write your decimal points like this 53.1532, option 2 means you write your decimal points like this 53,1532 . This could solve your issue 

3. Make sure that AirTool is not in Temp folders, admin folders (windows folder etc)


If you are still having issues, you MUST send the full error log that I highlighted in RED in the screenshot. Without that error log I can't help. Just simply highlight it all, then press CTRL + C on your keyboard, Create a new ticket and paste the error log by pressing CTRL + V or right click and paste. Please also describe when does this issue happen, does it happen more than once sometimes or all the time.