No audio playing?

1. Software Version

Make sure you have the latest version of LukeAirTool. Check the launcher for any updates

2. Missing Software

Please check if you have Windows Media Player installed. Open CMD on your PC (press start and type CMD).
Paste this command and press enter: Dism /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:WindowsMediaPlayer /All

3. Steelseries 

Some users have reported that steelseries has caused for no audio to play. Please check the configuration. 

4. Antivirus

Check your antivirus. Make sure it's not blocking or the app. Add both to white list.

5. Built in audio checker features


So you have tried all the other options, you might be experiencing an isolated issue down to your PC or internet provider. Firstly, lets make sure that you don't have any VPN's currently active. Some VPN's do slow down internet connection. Lets check your internet speed by going over to . Check it with and without your VPN. Reason why I am asking you to do that is that you are streaming the audios from our server. If your internet is slow, it will take some time for the audios to play. So when you click on an announcement and nothing plays, this could be down to your speed. If everything is in order go to step 5.1

5.1 Built in audio checker features - NO VPN


Start AirTool and head over to TOOLS > TROUBLESHOOT. Follow all the built in steps.

If you stop at following:
Step 1 : This could mean that there is an audio issue on your PC. In step one we play a WAV format audio playing seatbelt sign. This doesn't require MP3 player to play these audios. Windows default audio files are WAV files
Step 2 : In this step, we download the MP3 file, then try to play it. If this fails please check step 4 as you might have antivirus blocking our connection. Then you need to do step 2 as that will make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed
Step 3 : This streams audio from our server. Again please check step 5 and step 4 as there could be something blocking AirTool from accessing the audio files. Also, it might sound silly but check your volume on your PC and AirTool (in settings). 

If you have done all Three steps and all works correctly, next we need to debug certain options in AirTool. From the main menu click on TOOLS > DEBUG LAT. Give it few seconds to scan requirements. When contacting us in step 6, send us a screenshot of this window. This will prevent us from wasting time going through each of these options. You might also notice that you will have NOT CHECKED under Can Download Audio. Simply click Check and follow the troubleshoot again. 


6. Final Step

You might need to contact us. As long as you followed all the steps above, I would like you to file a support ticket. Make sure you describe all the steps you have done. Let us know that you have read this article as that will help us in finding this issue.