Audio Plus / AirTool+

How do I get AirTool+ (Formally known as Audio_+)?
If you have donated already and you haven't received an email with activation code, please contact me via support. If you would like to get airtool+, you can head over here to purchase it

Once you have purchased it, you will get an email with your activation code. 

How do I activate AirTool+?

1. Launch the latest version of LukeAirTool (Audio+ is supported from 2.1)
2. Log in
3. Go to SETTINGS > ACCOUNT or PROFILE from the main menu
4. Paste activation code and hit ACTIVATE. That's it

How do I use it?

Currently Audio+ only works with PaxSim. This is due to the arrival location read out

1. Launch the latest version of LukeAirTool
2. Make sure you're logged in
3. Click on Flight Setup > Passengers
4. Toggle Audio+ switch (located under flight number text box)
5. Select your desired airline from the drop down (tip: You will notice that the airline label is now audio+ once you turn it on)
6. Fill in the rest and use paxsim as normal

Will AirTool+ be expanded?

Yes. I am planning to add weather announcements at destination. I am also planning to add different versions of announcements, so they don't sound the same every time. These will be free. You will also get different ambient audios depending on what time of the day you are flying.

I am also going to introduce language packs. So for example, if you are flying from England to Spain, you will hear an announcement in English and Spanish. 

On top of that you will be able to test out new features and you will get exclusive features. More information coming soon