List of all known bugs

I have put together a list of what bugs exist in AirTool. This will easily show you and my self what I need to fix and what has been reported. Please report any new bugs.

If your AirTool is getting stuck on splash screen, simply do this trick


and delete AirTool folder


PXC-001 PaxSim & Cargo Some users are unable to connect toolbar to AirTool Working on a fix
PXC-002 PaxSim & Cargo Landing rate monitor  Aware of this issue, but we are rewriting how paxsim looks and feels so I am waiting for us to get to this stage
PXC-003 PaxSim & Cargo Simbrief can cause for AirTool not to detect your departure airport Working on a fix
LATP-001 Audio Some destination may night read out correctly. Please contact me if you don't hear destination being read out. Destination should be read out in Welcome and when you land. It will be working fully over time once I get all destination sorted
PXC-004 PaxSim When pressing deboard passengers, there is a slight hold. That's fine it will still do it. Working on a fix
PXC-005 PaxSim Metar slightly lags Working on a fix

This has been updated by Luke on 1502UTC on 20/04/2022