Close Account

We are sad to see you go. But we understand. 

before choosing to close account please remember, that if you choose to return to us, you will have to start from scratch. Any purchases will be also removed and you will need to keep your activation codes. You can also request to transfer them over. This has to be done by email. 

To close account

1. You need to file a ticket, filling in information of your account. I require your username and email that was registered with. 

2. You need to give me at least 72 hours to reply as I am working full time and look at my next available time (or longer if I am away)

3. You will receive an email with a code which will need to be sent in your ticket or you can simply reply to the email once you receive it

4. Once the code is received I will process account deleting. This will remove everything from our database 

Transferring Purchases

If you are closing an account, you can transfer purchases. You can do so by following the process above but when you receive the code, you need to specify who you are transferring it to. I will need AirTool username and email of the user. Remember that this cannot be reversed once the new user has got your codes.

Your Responsibility and Your Understanding 

1. You are responsible for keeping records of your activation codes if you return in the future

2. Because I am not available 24/7 for AirTool because I work full time outside of this, I will try my best to process your request at the next available time. We will soon add the ability to remove your account automatically. 

3. We remove everything apart from activation codes but your username will be replaced with “deleted user”. All your flight records, traces of your username, email will also go. We do not keep anything apart from activation code on file.